1-2-04, Cliff is able to sit up and visit with his family
1-1-04, Cliff was able to talk to his parents on the phone
Cliff's eye after surgery to repair broken bones around the eye
Cliff's Progress at Shepherd  Rehab Center
1-19-04, Lisa spent the day with Cliff for "family training," these picutes are from Physical Therapy.
Cliff and Lisa have met so many great friends at Shepherd, here is a group pictures with Cliff's buddies and their families.
2-2-04, Cliff lifting "light" weights during physical therapy.
2-3-04, Lisa's brother in law, Brian and her sister Lara came down to help move Lisa and Cliff to their new place for his out patient treatment.
Cliff's long road to recovery!!!!
The Craniotomy was done on 11-29-03, this picture was taken on 12-08-03
These are pictures taken while at Druid City Hospital (DCH) here in Tuscaloosa, AL.  The pictures show what amazing progress Cliff is making every single day !!!!
Cliff had hundreds of visitors while at DCH, current UA football coach Mike Shula visited, along with past UA football coach Gene Stallings on 12-9-03
On 12-12-03, Cliff had a tracheotomy put in to relieve his throat from the ventilator. 
12-18-03, Cliff is now off the ventilator, moving a lot and opening his right eye, although we are not sure what he can see.  Cliff is also following a lot of commands such as waving, and putting his thumb up.
12-25-03, Santa delivered a very special present this year, Cliff woke up and was able to communicate with Lisa
12-26-03, Cliff is able to brush his teeth and attempting to write on paper.
These pictures are from 12-7-03, which was 1 week and 1 day after his accident.  Cliff was still on the ventilator and in the medical induced coma.
Cliff's transport to Shepherd Hosptial in Atlanta